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Foundations Quarantine Challenge

Day 1: Can you wear every piece of clothing you own all at one time?

Day 2: Build a fort or shelter that would impress your childhood self. 

Day 3: Make your own mask/Make your own suit

Day 5: Research your favorite article of clothing.

A bralette is an underwire-free bra. It is so fashionable that it doesn’t look like an undergarment. Bralettes are more comfortable because of a closer and less structured fitting, you don’t feel constricted while wearing them. The earliest bras originating in the 1920s and 30s would be considered bralettes by today’s standards. This recent phenomenon has meant women no longer have to remain uncomfortable in badly fitted padded bras with slipping straps and large gaping cups. Bralettes are made from 95% cotton with 5% spandex.

top, brallet - Wheretoget

Day 6:  Portrait Day!

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe
Marilyn Monroe


Prompt 5: Using a window as your blank canvas, create shapes and symbols that interact with the outside world.

Prompt 2: Conceptualize, Design, & Document your Pandemic Aesthetic

Exquisite COLAB

For some reason I had ally of trouble posting this weeks blog. This is the 4th time trying to post it, I originally posted it on Saturday and that blog also included the prompt where you had to write a letter to your future self. So I hope this works and makes it on the page because it is not working.

Color Time!

Color Wheel Scavenger Hunt

Colors Organized Neatly

Full Spectrum

Color Research : Taupe

Taupe refers to a dark grayish-brown color. The word “taupe” comes from the Latin name for the European Mole, Talpa europaea. Originally, this referred only to the average color of the French mole, but like the colors pink and  lavender , the name expanded to encompass a wide range of varying shades. It seems that this occurred because the color of the fur of the mole can itself be a wide range of shades, from  gray through yellowish brownish , and even purplish. The first use of taupe as a color name in English was in the early 1800.

Taupe Grey | EGGER
Norwall Wallcoverings Light Taupe Woven Texture Wallpaper 35233 ...

Artist Research: Ana Montiel

Ana Montiel (@anamontiel) | Twitter

Ana Montiel’s paintings are compared to when you first open your eyes from a nap. Her pieces look like they are always in motion. Her works read like spiritual, dreamlike invitations, that hit you with a feeling of satisfaction and involuntary entrancement. She uses a a wide spectrum of colors, but they look almost acid washes. Her preferred media is painting and she has been perfecting her skills ever since high school. I really enjoy her work, it is very satisfying to look at and it reminds we of water because in some of her pieces it looks like they are flowing.


For my 12 items I decided to choose something I use everyday and that are important to me. My shoes!!

These are my all white Air Force one’s. I received them for my nineteenth birthday. My friend Cami is always wearing them and I just loved these shoes. Since they are all white I don’t where them all the time, but I wear them for casual occasions with friends or family.

These are my High Heels and there purpose in my life is to make me look glamours for special occasions like work parties, weddings, and any other type of party. I love wearing high heels even though I have trouble walking in them.

These are my crocs. Their purpose in my life is to usually wear after cheer competitions or practice. Now I have them at my front door and they are my go to shoes when I have to run into the garage, go outside or I’m in a hurry. I also have many gibbets that help me express things I like.

These are my moccasins and their purpose in my life are to loundge around my house or wear after I’m done snowboarding. They are very cozy and comfy. I also have them in light brown and black for whatever mood I am in.

These are my Birkenstock’s and their purpose in my life is that I wear them all summer long and they mean a lot to me. They are a very easy grab and go shoe that I can slip on with either socks or no socks.

These are my flip flops and their purpose in my life or to wear at the beach or going out to the pool. They have just recently gained a new purpose since I started college, and this would be my amazing shower shoes!

These are my wedges and their purpose in my life is to wear them to a casual outdoor Spring/Summer event.

These are my all white vans. I currently own two pairs because I wear these shoes everywhere and destroyed the first pair I owned. Their purpose in my life is to wear pretty much anywhere and everywhere. They go will every causal outfit and I love them very much.

These are my Slides and their purpose in my life was to wear to and from cheer competitions since you are not aloud to walk around with white mat shoes on. They also help me complete my bumy outfits.

These are my Nfinity shoes. They are a well known cheer shoe, they are very light and great for stunting. Their purpose in my life was to wear to cheer and have light shoes on so I could jump and do all my necessary cheerleading duties.

These are my boots and their purpose in my life is to wear in the winter with jeans or a dress. They are very fasionable. Though they are not winter boots that protect be from the cold and snow they do help me with my fashion statement.

These are my sandals and their purpose in my life is to where in the summer with cute outfits whether they be casual or fancy . Since they have a strap I like to think they are a cross between sneakers and flip flops until you slip and your whole foot goes through the front and trips out the strap in between the toes.

The Story of the Space

We chose to use the space around the King Alfred Statue. This is because we wanted to have Alfred apart of our piece and the King Alfred Statue does a great job to represent that. We also chose this place because it is a very public place and it is also in nature. We also felt that we had a wide range of objects/animals/and natural things to chose from in this are to be our characters.

I came up with this story. it more of a children’s sorry but its funny and I enjoyed reading it and making it. My group had a lot of issues with wanted to work on this project and now the performance project.

Daily Practice #4

This is an extra Daily practice post because I wasn’t sure if we needed a 4th one. The most interesting thing that happened this week was probably our art history class that we both really don’t like. We get really stressed out in class but we help each other out a lot

Final Performance

We missed our final performance because one of our group mates was late. We decided to record it on our own so that we would be able to get credit and document it on our Blogs. I enjoyed this project and had a lot of fun making my costumes and performing it. We were all really embraced when we had to go out in public but I guess that was part of the whole thing.